Gotta Start Somewhere

And so Psych Law kicks off its brief and epic life! I wanted to be in this group because I am very interested in the psychology of criminals; since I am a conformist to the rules of our society, I find those who break the law alien in manner and in thought. I do want to be a criminal attorney, a prosecutor specifically, and to understand a criminal’s mind, regardless of their crime’s severity, is a worthy and helpful pursuit to such a career. But on a broader scale, those with mental illness must be treated fairly by the law, and by having a greater understanding of the workings of the mind, I will be better prepared to keep to that principle.

Done monologuing,



~ by Rae on July 14, 2010.

2 Responses to “Gotta Start Somewhere”

  1. I wrote this exact same thing to Katie’s post, but just in case you don’t see that comment, I’ll paste it here, too: Feel free to come chat with me about being a prosecutor! I’ve worked in the field a little, and have a few close friends who have been prosecutors for years. Let me know if you’d like me to connect you with any of them. 🙂 -Katie

    • Thank you for your offer. I may take you up on it before I leave. But when would be a good time to chat?

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