Capital Punishment: YES or No?

One of the most prominent pending decisions in the field of law today is that concerning the death penalty. The following article provides a brief history of the controversy surrounding the issue and the opinions of some of the members directly involved. Reading this article will help increase understanding of this issue in order for all you future voters out there to make informed decisions when the time comes, but other information should definitely be considered. It’s a pretty heavy topic, but this is a very interesting issue.



~ by emilyamcg on July 16, 2010.

2 Responses to “Capital Punishment: YES or No?”

  1. I’m interested to know whether our recent class about stereotypes and prejudice, and our discussion of the Baldus study, influenced your thinking about the death penalty one way or the other!

  2. I was already pretty set on my opinion about this topic, lots of political debates with my highly conservative friend from school. I feel that the death penalty should be enacted when the crime is extremely severe, like serial killers who commit mass acts of murders. Our justice system isn’t perfect, and I feel as if I still have more aspects of this issue to ponder over, but I am currently at a loss for sufficient evidence to go against the death penalty. The discussion made me think a little about my current standing, but I am still leaning towards pro death penalty.

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