How a False Confession Can Sway a Jury

This was from ABC news, and was just too crazy to pass up. It actually mentions findings about witness memory that relates to what happened on the first day of class with the monkey lady. I’ll probably edit this later with what I think is the mechanism behind the studies in this article, but for now, you guys should totally read it.



~ by Rae on July 16, 2010.

One Response to “How a False Confession Can Sway a Jury”

  1. That’s an interesting article. Much like people place too much value on eyewitness testimony, they tend to take confessions as fact. Why is this? I think one of the greatest reasons is that people (the jury) don’t understand why anyone would confess to a crime they didn’t commit…and then they work from the assumption that the defendant is guilty. A great movie to watch would be “My Cousin Vinny” – I went to a panel at the Stanford Law School where several professors including the dean discussed the movie and that it illustrates many aspects of a trial very well. Many of the issues revolve around psychology too, such as eyewitness testimony.

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