Truth of the matter is…

Human nature is a constant crutch in uncovering the truth. Human beings are capable of such atrocities that one begins to wonder how we can live with our race. To cope with our flaws, humans seek to punish others for their grievances, no matter how trivial they may be. This human tendency is the basis of the court systems in effect today; their main goal being to find the truth of others mistakes and punishing them accordingly. An important factor in finding the truth is the credibility of the accused. Even though every human being is capable of horrible things, the appearance and disposition of the accused plays a major role in the opinions generated by the jury. If the accused is a seemingly sweet old man, then the jury will be less likely to believe that he could be capable of robbing a bank, and the prosecutor will need to work even harder to convince the jury of this man’s guilt. On the other hand, if the accused were a sketchy young hooligan with a permanent scowl, then the jury’s will be compelled to believe that he could be responsible for the allegations made against him.


Perhaps a more important question of credibility is that of those called as witnesses during the trial proceedings, since there is already a stigma surrounding anyone who is accused of a crime. These people are crucial factors that attribute much to the outcome of the trial. If humans are capable of committing a severe enough crime to merit a trial, then surely they are capable of lying about them. Any one of the witnesses in a trial could commit perjury at any time, and this infraction could remain forever unknown to the members of the jury. This discrepancy causes a need for the jury to sort through each piece of information presented to them; they must then determine which information should be considered based on the credibility of the witness who provided the information. However, any information the jury disregards on the basis of absurdity, even those that have been publicly acclaimed lies by those with authority over the court, can never be completely removed from their minds and can still play a role in the final verdict. Thus, in any trial, the credibility of the people involved is crucial in whether the truth is discovered, and how accurate this truth may be.


~ by emilyamcg on July 19, 2010.

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