Court Mindsets

Ultimately, I think that a person’s mindset determines how they are going to handle a case.  A defendant with a fixed mindset is going to be set in their ways.  If they believe they are a criminal, they are going to except that and whatever punishment comes with it, because they believe that factor is set in stone.  If the criminal has a fixed mindset, I would imagine that they would plead guilty and take their sentence.  They wouldn’t go through the trouble of going to trial, because they know that they are a criminal.  On the other hand, criminals with a growth mindset would be willing to give their trial their all and really work with their lawyer.  They would believe that they made a mistake but that they can learn from it and become a better person.

I think that a jury of people mostly with growth mindsets would release the prisoner.  With a growth mindset, people would probably be able to be persuased more easily that the defendant has learned from his mistake and isn’t really a bad guy.  With a growth mindset, you would agree with this because you don’t believe that traits are set in stone.  I think the same pertains to defense lawyers.  With a growth mindset, they may believe the defendant that he/she is not guilty and work harder to get them acquitted.

All in all I think defendants are more likely to get acquittated when everyone approaches the case with a growth mindset.



~ by katierc on July 29, 2010.

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