Mindsets in the Court

I think that different mindsets within the jury could have a major impact on the outcome of cases. Jury members with fixed mindsets are more likely to see the defendant as unchanging like themselves and thus if they are convinced the defendant is guilty they will be unable change their minds as the trial proceeds. On the other hand, jury members with growth mindsets would probably see the defendant as a malleable character like themselves. This way of thinking could convince the jurors that the defendant, naturally, could be rehabilitated and maybe isn’t guilty, or at least not fully to blame.These mindsets could also have an impact on lawyers themselves. Those who have a fixed mindset would be much less likely to take cases that aren’t cases they would definitely win. Though winning is good, it becomes nearly impossible to move forward and gain experience when you refuse to take any risks at all. Also, losing a case that seemed like a definite win could be extremely detrimental to the self-esteem of a fixed mindset lawyer. Following this unexpected loss, a fixed mindset lawyer would most likely try to prove themselves and their abilities over and over again to relieve the doubt that came with losing. A lawyer with a growth mindset, would be much more likely to take risks and be less affected after losses, as well as put a lot of effort and dedication into their work. Both mindsets have pros and cons, but having one or the other whether you’re in the jury or the lawyer, can almost certainly have consequences in the courtroom.



~ by brianawil on July 29, 2010.

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