That Mindset must be CRUSHED!!!!!!

Our constitution guarantees freedom of speech and expression to everyone, right? Well at least that’s what we want to believe. If this freedom exists, shouldn’t everyone be allowed to follow any mindset of their choosing. We all know that excluding certain groups, such as homosexuals, from organizations is considered discrimination and is frowned upon by all the smart people in the world. However, and this pains me to say, there are some decent reasons for a mindset of exclusion. Take for instance this example: “With this ruling I would now like to see some/any black student campus group forced to admit a card carrying KKK member or a White supremist group member to their ranks.” The belief of the person in question is obviously a legitimate reason for exclusion from the group, but it is still exclusion.

If this is a credible contraction of beliefs that supports the idea of exclusion, then the U.S. Supreme Court case of the Christian Legal Society v. Martinez could be considered a credible exclusion also. The Christian Legal Society was a college group that was denied official recognition; the aims of this group were to simply “discuss the law from a Christian perspective.”  Members of this group were expected to be Christian and to abide by Christian rules, including those pertaining to homosexuality. The controversy was caused by the exclusion of homosexuals from this group. The court ruled in opposition of the Christian Legal Society by a 5-to-4 decision. The reason for this was that, and I quote, ” For its is a mindset that must be crushed! Or at least set apart.” Ironically, many gay-lesbian organizations on college campuses are free to remove any officer who ” works against the spirit of the organization’s goals and objectives,” or in others words, someone who is no longer a homosexual. These mindsets are definitely not the ones discussed by Dweck, but it are interesting to consider just how far exclusion can go before it becomes a legal matter.



~ by emilyamcg on July 29, 2010.

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